Spelling mistakes

Spelling mistakes

Which spelling mistakes in the master thesis give the students the most problems?

Of all the errors in the thesis, spelling mistakes are among the most blatant (apart from substantive errors). Fortunately, most autocorrecting software has an autocorrect function that emphasizes or corrects spelling mistakes in the master’s thesis. Sometimes, however, this is not enough and the program will not eliminate all errors …

The Master should demonstrate an above-average knowledge of English. It is unacceptable to make typical “school” mistakes in the master thesis, for example incorrectly recording the words “whether” h “. However, there is a whole range of spelling mistakes that you may not notice. Your promoter will certainly not pass them by.

Spelling mistakes in the master’s thesis can be divided into two groups:

  1. First degree errors (gross):

incorrect spelling “ż, rz, ch, h, ę, ą, em, om, en” etc .;
incorrect use of uppercase and lowercase letters;
incorrect spelling “no” with different parts of speech;
improper use of the connector (correctly: wild, light green, white-red, English-French-Spanish-Italian);
incorrect writing of words with prefixes (correctly: above average);
incorrect writing of words with prefixes of foreign origin (correctly: ultramodern, hypermarket, etc.);
incorrect word variety;
incorrect spelling of prepositional phrases and conjunctions;
errors in the formation of sentences;
incorrect writing “i” and “j”.

  1. Second degree errors (secondary):

no punctuation;
minor letter mistakes.
Note: In the case of combined or disjunctive spellings, two forms of writing are often acceptable. Example: “no” with adjectival participles (invaluable and unrated).

Spelling mistakes in the master’s thesis, which will not be emphasized by autocorrect – examples
It is true that autocorrect is ideal for typing and typing spelling mistakes. However, you can make spelling mistakes in the master’s thesis, which the program will omit or underline incorrectly. Look what!

  1. The names of voivodeships are written in lowercase (West Pomeranian, not West Pomeranian).
  2. Let’s write the names of city residents with a small letter (Varsovian, not Warszawiak)
  3. We do not write with adverbial adverbs together (correctly: inexpensively, unpleasantly, not difficult, etc.).
  4. We do not write together with nouns from verbs (correctly: not smoking, not going, not writing, etc.).

As you can see, you should not always rely only on an autocrat, because you can make spelling mistakes in the master’s thesis that the program will not notice. Stay alert!