Formal mistakes

Formal mistakes

The most common formal mistakes in the master’s thesis – do not commit them!

Formal errors are among those most often committed by students. They arise from lack of knowledge, experience in writing long studies and non-compliance with university guidelines. As a rule, the university sets its own rules for writing theses, but there are general guidelines that every student should stick to. Formal errors in the master’s thesis in about 10% affect the final evaluation of the work.

Some promoters strongly pay attention to formal errors in the master’s thesis, others point only to the most serious ones. Regardless of whether the promoter is more or less demanding, try to make your thesis look professional and aesthetic, because it is your business card.

  • The most common formal errors in the master’s thesis
  • Spelling of chapter titles with a dot at the end (should be without a dot).
  • Double spaces, spaces before the comma.
  • Lack of uniform formatting of headings and bullets (each time a different font, bullets added once from the dot, once from the dash).
  • Leaving empty spaces after tables, charts, etc.
  • Lack of text alignment from left to right (chapter titles should be centered, and the titles of subsections aligned to the left).
  • Incorrect footnotes or missing.
  • Incorrect table of contents design.
  • They are basically such “trifles”, which, however, should be avoided. Formal errors in the master’s thesis do not affect its substantive value, but they make the work seem to be careless and unprofessional. Failure to comply with the rules for formatting works introduces general chaos. Remember that when you write a scientific paper, you should show an above-average knowledge of the editing of a longer study.

How to avoid formal errors?

Before you start writing a thesis, read the general standards for creating theses. Sometimes it seems that everything is obvious, then it turns out that there are many mistakes at work. Keep checking yourself and often come back to university guidelines. As you write the chapter, do not show it to the promoter. Take 1-2 days to rest, then study each paragraph again. You will be surprised at how many mistakes you have committed that you have not noticed before.