Master’s work

Master’s work

Substantive errors in the master’s thesis that promoters do not suffer

A master’s thesis is a kind of scientific study in which you should demonstrate the practical use of knowledge acquired during your studies, as well as the ability to solve problems. The work is subjected to the assessment of the promoter, then the reviewer, who in the first place will indicate the most blatant substantive errors in the master’s thesis.

What is a factual error?
Substantive errors are nothing other than false sentences that lower the value of the diploma thesis and disrupt the correct transmission of information. You must bear in mind that the master’s thesis should be useful and provide knowledge, therefore it should only contain meaningful and reliable messages.

Substantive errors in the master’s thesis appear when:

  • you provide false information – you confuse dates, surnames, scientific theories, etc .;
  • your statements do not have logical sense;
  • you do not show understanding of events, phenomena and relationships between them;
  • you distort the statements of the authors of scientific publications;
  • you provide incorrect definitions.
  • How not to make substantive mistakes?
  • When writing a job, rely only on reliable sources. Use books written by reputable scientists and specialists. Watch out for internet publications – not all can be cited in a master’s thesis. The source suitable for use in the diploma thesis includes the date of publication, name and surname of the author and name of the publishing house.

Substantive errors in the master’s thesis are also made when paraphrasing fragments of texts that are not understood. If you have problems with understanding and giving the sense of expression, use the quote. By rewriting “word-for-word” small fragment of the book, you will not be exposed to the mistake. Remember that the work can not consist of quotes (it is plagiarism).

Use literature that really applies to the topic of your work. Do not confuse the work of sociologists with the work of pedagogues and psychologists – these are other scientific fields. It happens that students, when writing a work in pedagogy, use mainly the studies of sociologists or vice versa. This is how the substantive errors in the master’s thesis appear.